Crystal Hotel - Hajdúszoboszló

Introduction of Hajdúszoboszló Open Air Spa

The Aquapark is located in the Open Air Spa of Hajdúszoboszló, offers a wide range of water entertainment. A  real slide paradise contains: giant slide, hydro, multi slide, kamikaze, Black Hole, Mad River, Big Hole, Twister and Niagara which makes for great experiences.

The Aquapark can be accessed from the Open Air Spa until autumn season by buying a separate  ticket. This can be charged by hours or a day ticket or hourly rate.

The Aqua-Palace indoor spa covering 15.000 m2, offers a wide range of services to the whole family all year around. 8 pools are located on the ground floor spa area. Each pool is exclusive. Their own story and atmosphere enchants the visitors: Tropical pool ( 32-34 °C ), Ice cave pool (25 – 27 °C) Cinema pool  (34 -36°C), Pávai thermal pool (34-36°C), Ganges pool (32-34°C),  Roman pool(32-34°C), Sea bathing pool (32-34°C).

Each pool is equipped with different massaging rigs to highlight the bathing experience. Those who like more adventure can enjoy a family slide in the tropical pool and a giant screw slide starting from the upper floor.

Children and their parents can have a great time at the first floor. The pools and all the services were made for their convenience: baby – mother pool, baby swimming pool, bubble jacuzzi pool,  family pool with animal statues, baby and children slides. Once we arrive at the second floor we find a more private and quiet swimming pool.

During the summer months additional services are offered at Hajdúszoboszló Open air Spa:

Premium zone

One of the the latest Spa complex in the country awaits for the visitors as an additional service.

The PREMIUM ZONE gives a five star quality special experience with water experience and comforting wellness services. In the exotic pool of this Zone visitors feel as if they were on a journey around the world.

The Plitvice pool has a stunning waterfall. Built-in massage devices and jacuzzi beds bring relaxation. Visitors can splash into the waves of the Tahiti pool , then taste the exotic cocktails of the water bar.

The Amazonas pool is a multiple storey jacuzzi, swimming through its waves opens up to a beautiful scenery. Under the jacuzzis you can merge into the spinning water.


The Aquapark is an additional service of the Open Air Bath, extra tickets need to be purchased to enter.

Many slides can be found in the slide park: a four track competition slide, kamikaze, hydroslide, giant spiral slide, black hole, mad river, big hole, Niagara and twister which starts from 12 meter high.
With the extension of the park there are 6 more additional slide awaits for the adventurous visitors: Freefall tunnel, waterloop, superwave, tsunami, spaceship, water pipe.  The slides are starting from 16 meter high platforms. Overall there are 15 giant slides in the Aquapark.

Children can be entertained by elephant statue, toddler size slides, playground and adventure pools which was built for 6 – 12 years old children.  In the new pools they can enjoy Beckó’s Castle with four towers, a suspension bridge, artificial rocks and a waterfall; the Log Castle with slides and a massage tub; the Bastion Castle with cannons, tubs and slides. In addition, a Beaver Castle, drinking mugs decorated with bullheads, a beached boat, and slides are ready to entertain the little ones. Toddlers will also be dazzled by the babbling spouts of the seaside world, the life-like elephants in the pools, the two children’s slides, and a wooden playground.

Medical spa

There are more than 40 different therapies awaits for the visitors in the Medical Spa of Hajdúszoboszló. The various therapies combined are the most effective treatment.

There are many therapies to choose from. Massage, mud wrap, weight bath, underwater physiotherapy, electro therapy, soft laser therapy.  The most popular is the complex physiotherapy treatment, this means besides the spa therapy the visitor receives mechanotherapy, electrotherapy and other therapies by medical professionals.

In Hajdúszoboszló, people with musculoskeletal complaints can be treated effectively thanks to the well-prepared and experienced medical staff and the medical treatments they use.” The town has been welcoming guests who want to bathe and heal since 1927, when the thermal water broke to the surface. The microclimate of the bath’s environment; its iodine, bromine, salt humidity of the air have a beneficial effect on healing.